Abou us

We run our business since 1998.  Our team worked on big, special projects, where we restored and repaired the electronic components of various vehicles. This experience helped us to acquire a lot of technical skills and knowledge.  Mostly, auto services and service centers provide clients with as much types of services as possible. Actually, it is very comfortable for car owners.


Our service center DME.kz is concentrated on the provision of particular kinds of services, because we want to increase the quality of our work and to make the pace of fulfillment faster. Therefore, we have good quality and low prices unlike other service centers.

We do not work with the whole car; we work with a particular block “on the table”. You remove block from your car and we restore it. If you cannot remove or set a block, contact us. We cooperate with a big amount of auto services, where qualified specialists can fully service your car. We can also choose a suitable service center for you. On the home page you can find all the necessary information about what blocks we restore and repair.

We always help our clients to save their money and time!

Look how we work:

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