Programming and shut down of the DPF, ERG, CAT Chip-Tuning

You need to solve problems with Catalyst, particulate filter, EGR or AdBlue. These components decide only environmental problems. In the case of breakage it will be very expensive to buy the new one. That’s why they need to be physically deleted and shut down by the program in the control block.


It is important to shut down these components, instead of doing error rubbing like some non professional specialists do.


Do you want more dynamics from your car?

The Increase of power and torque by 6-11% in atmospheric motors, by 22-31% in turbocharged motors without reducing of the working power of the engine and of the turbine.

Optimization of the regime of working at low speeds to improve the interception. The improvement in the work of the electronic gas pedal. The improvement of the elasticity of transmission. The reduction of turbo lags. Improvement of the motor’s work, when air condition is on.

Providing this service, we do not work with car owners, we work only with service centers and professionals. 

We don’t work with the whole car, we work with the blocks on the table!

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