Repair and restoration of the FRM block

Symptoms of the FRM block breakage:

  • The dipped beam is lit all the time while the ignition is switched on.
  • Window regulators do not work

– compartment lighting

– cornering light

– parking lights

  • You see the message on the display, which says “lighting is failed”.

We do not record data from another car!

We restore all original data, which was before the breakage of the block, including coding. After repair, you don’t need to do any coding operations. You remove the block from your car and we will restore it. You only need to set it back. We do not work with cars, we work only with blocks on the table!

If you can’t remove or set the FRM block by yourself, please, contact us!

We cooperate with different service centers where your car can be fully serviced! 

We can choose the best car service for you!

Usually, the block repair takes 10-20 minutes. 
In some cases (usually after unsuccessful repair) it can take a lot of time and the cost will be higher. 

Trust only qualified professionals!

Thus, you save you time and money!

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