The repair of the Mercedes-Benz ME9.7 computer Repair Service DME

W221 W211 W164 W204 motor M272 и M273

One of the most widely spread problems with the block Bosch ME9.7

– you car don’t start working from the first attempt to start it.
(Petrol pump doesn’t work right)
– starter sometimes doesn’t work
– cooling fan works without turning it on
– transmission “triples”
-check engine doesn’t light up ( disconnection with EMC) 

The repair usually takes 1-2 working days. Also we have blocks from auto parse for the express repair.

ME9.7 was installed on the motors M272 M273 and has different modifications

In Our service center will help you to choose the best suitable block from auto parse and we can also program it especially for your car. 

A2721532491  0261209204 

A2721533291  0261209220 

A2731534879  0261209206 

A2731534979  0261209207 

A2721535691   0261209381 

A2731535079  0261209374


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